Thin Coat Synthetic Renders

Are fully mesh reinforced Multi layer render systems which can be applied to external wall insulation (EWI) or Render Carrier Board substrates installed to timber or steel frame properties. The same system can also be applied to masonry substrates providing the same enhanced crack resistance with a tough durable finish. The finishes available for these systems include acrylic or silicone smooth painted finish or 1.5mm-6mm acrylic, silicone or nano tech textured finishes.


Thin coat synthetic render finishes sometimes referred to as anti-crack, synthetic render, reinforced render or through coloured render are mesh reinforced multi-layer render systems usually compromising of an initial coat of render being applied to EWI, render carrier board or masonry substrate which then has an alkali resistant mesh cloth (reinforcement) layer embedded in, a second pass of the render is then applied and finished to a smooth texture. Once dry a coat of tinted primer is then applied and a weather resistant decorative finish is then applied.


Through our network of suppliers we are able to provide in excess of 2000+ decorative finish colours ranging from neutral whites and off whites through to solid bold vibrant, colours and even metaliccolours. The finishes to these systems are available in a range of weather resistant properties  including acrylic, silicone and Nano tech- self-cleaning.  finishes are available in a number of textures including smooth painted,1.0mm lightly textured through varying aggregate sizes up to 6mm heavily textured. The finish appearance can be smooth painted, lightly textured with a 1.00mm particle size through to a heavy 6mm “alpine” style dragged texture.