Render Carrier Board

Render carrier board/Insulation carrier board are installed to timber or steel frame structures working as a substrate for thin coat render systems or External wall insulation systems to be applied to.


Known as Render carrier board, Cement board, CP board or by the manufacturer brand names, render carrier boards are produced by many manufacturers however not all boards are tried, tested and approved by all render manufacturers. After working with many different manufacturer boards MGW Contractors preferred board of choice is the KnaufAquapanel exterior holding both BBA and ETA certification for direct render applications this board is amongst the most heavily tested by the manufacturer and approved for use by all of the leading render manufactures. Working with Knauf we are able to offer a project specific specification for the works taking into account the substrate, wind loading calculations and render finish to be applied. Typically a render carrier board would be installed to vertical counter batons fixed to the external elevations of a timber or steel frame structure. A thin coat, synthetic render system is then applied (see thin coat render systems for details).


Insulation carrier boards provide a suitable substrate for external wall insulation systems to be applied to timber frame and steel frame structures, commonly produced from cement and wood filaments providing a dimensionally sound substrate for adhesively and mechanically securing insulation to.  An insulation carrier board is usually installed directly to the timber or steel frame structure using task specific fixings. The external wall insulation system is then applied much in the same way as if working to a masonry substrate.