Monocouche Renders

Known as Monocouche meaning “one coat”, or sometimes referred to as,Through coloured, scratch render,selfcolouredor known by the manufacturer’s names such as Weber and K-Rend.Monocouche renders have been in use within the construction industry for over 30 years providing an external decorative weather resistant coating to masonry substrates. The materials are factory batched only requiring the addition of water on site ensuring consistency of finishes and colours. Being a “one coat” pre coloured render system allows for a faster application with shorter programme period.


Monocouche render finishes can be applied to almost all stable masonry substrates, working with our supply chain of manufacturers we are able to provide a specification for application to new build and refurbishment projects. Monocouche renders are mineral based, being applied by hand or machine-spray applications once suitably dry the finishis achieved by scraping 2-3mm (0.080-0.12inch) from the surface exposing the open matrix of the aggregate leaving a lightly textured crisp clean finish. We can also form additional details by introducing ashlar cuts/ lines, raised quoins, window head/ surrounds and plinth details.Being through coloured the render does not require painting thus reducing labour time, scaffold rental and reducing site costs both during the initial works and for many years to follow.


Monocouche renders with Silicone.

A number of through coloured render manufacturers have now introduced silicone waterproofers into their monocouche type renders offering higher water repellency aimed at coastal and exposed areas. These products are applied in the conventional manner and available in the same range of colours as the standard monocouche renders.