Traditional Heritage Lime-sand and cement render systems

To suit properties requiring a fully breathable render finish we offer a range of pre blended often through coloured factory batched lime renders and decorative coatings or for properties looking for a traditional sand and cement render system with a modern long life render finish we offer a range of factory batched sand and cement render products with an acrylic, silicone or Nano Tech decorative finish to suit.

Not all properties are suitable to have modern Monocouche/thin coat or external wall insulation systems applied. For example listed properties due to their listed status and the likely hood that properties of this age would have used lime mortar within the masonry construction would require a lime based render to be applied this allows for flexibility within the render finish whist allowing the property to breathe.


We are able to offer a number pre batched lime based render systems which are through coloured and/or only require a lime wash water based paint to be applied. These systems are fully breathable allowing moisture within the property to escape in finishes such as lightly scraped, trowelled smooth, sponge floated or spray textured.For non-lime mortar construction properties looking for a more traditional system incorporating longer lasting modern products we offer factory batched sand and cement render delivered in pre gauged bags only requiring the addition of water and mixing on site, applied by machine-spray application or hand application and finished to the required texture, once dry a decorative acrylic or silicone smooth paint can be applied or a textured acrylic, silicone or Nano Tech 1.00mm -6.00mm textured coat applied. Ashlar features/lines, quoins headstones and feature borders can also be produced.