External Wall Insulation

As approved installers for the market leading external wall insulation systems MGW Contractors have gained extensive manufacturer training, knowledge and experience, we are able to offer an external wall insulation system to suit almost all property construction types.

An External Wall Insulation System compromises of an insulation board (phenolic, EPS, Mineral Wool, PIR) being adhesively/mechanically fixed to the exterior of the property, a render system to suit the required finish, colour and property appearance is then applied giving a long lasting low maintenance, weather resistant finish to any property greatly reducing thermal loss and reducing utility bills.


External wall insulation can be applied to almost all properties, new build or refurbishment. We can apply a system to suit almost all construction types ranging from solid brick walls to a modern steelframing system. Cavity wall properties and non-traditional housing types will also benefit from an external wall insulation system being applied.


Properties constructed pre 1920s are most likely to be solid wall construction, solid wall properties can suffer from as much as 45% heat loss through the external walls. They may in turn suffer internally from condensation damp,mould and mildew all of which can be resolved through the installation of an External wall insulation system.


Through our extensive “supply chain” we are able to offer a variety of insulation types and thicknesses ranging from  high performing phenolic and PIR to cost effective EPS and Mineral wool insulation in thicknesses to meet all thermal u-value requirements. Once the insulation is installed a decorative low maintenance, weather resistant finish is then applied. We offer a large selection of through coloured scratch renders, synthetic thin coat renders and painted finishes available in a vast array of colours and textures to suit.


For an alternative finish or feature details we can provide brick slips,render brick and pre coated polystyrene architectural profiles to suit the design of the property.


External wall insulation systems can be utilised in more ways than just thermal improvement, we are able to use external wall insulation as a suitable substrate for applying a modern render finish to, overcoating inappropriate, problem substrates such as existing painted/coated substrates, existing render, existing pebble dash renders, uneven substrates and decaying concrete facades all of which can be overcoated and finished with a system to suit.