Architectural Profiles and Brick Slips

Architectural profiles are suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects, manufactured using a French Hydraulic Lime Mortar coated on an EPS core for a strong but lightweight construction,available in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes to match existing profiles or new designs.


Brick slips are manufactured by extrusion or cut from “real bricks” or as a thin synthetic tile, we have a range of standard synthetic and real brick slips available or we can source almost any bricks to match requirements and have bespoke slips produced. Brick slips can be applied to external wall insulation systems, new build or existing masonry and timber/steel frame buildings with a render carrier board installed. Once pointed using specialist coloured waterproof pointing mortars the appearance of real brickwork can be achieved.

Architectural profiles can be used on new build and refurbishment properties, with or without External wall insulation installed. The profiles are made of a core of EPS polystyrene which prevents cold bridging with a French Hydraulic Lime Mortar coating providing alight weight long lasting maintenance free finish with a vast range of surface textures and colours to match Bath Stone, Portland Stone, Red Sandstone and many more… The profiles come in a standard range of keystones, headstones, stringer course, Quoins and architrave mouldings to suit bespoke mouldings can also be produced to a design.


Brick slips are thin slices of real brick or synthetic brick ranging in thicknesses of 6mm-15mm available in a vast range of colours and textures which are adhesively fixed to an external wall insulation system, directly fixed to masonry or with a suitable render carrier board installed timber frame and steel frame construction. laid in a brick bond to suit (stretcher bond, Flemish bond, English bond, stack bond etc…) feature details can also be produced with a herringbone pattern and soldier courses etc…. The joints are then pointed with a specialist weatherproof coloured pointing mortar to give the appearance of real brickwork. The use of brick slips provide an alternative finish to a rendered finish breaking up rendered elevations, introducing colour and finish texture variations.                 Occasionally to achieve Local Council Planning consent it may be a requirement to have a brick slip finish when installing an external wall insulation system so that the original appearance of the property can be reinstated to match the original appearance or neighbouring properties.